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Your Healthy Food Adviser

The venture to healthy and delicious food by the Aivee Café continues with Dr. Food, a chef-curated and nutritionist-approved diet food detox program dedicated to providing meticulously planned meals for you to indulge while you lose weight.

Good food for your body goals, that’s what we’re after at Dr. Food.


Struggling to eat clean? Think it’s impossible to achieve? Think again!


At Dr. Food, we believe that eating healthy should still be delightful.

We plan our meals considering our clients’ dietary patterns, nutritional status, and food intolerances to bring them specific and highly-individualized meals that everyone can deliciously enjoy. We help our clients navigate the confusing world of food and nutrition after they get their weight-loss treatment at The Aivee Clinic.


Dr. Food is offered not only to our patients but as well to those who want a more individualized approach to a healthy diet without sacrificing the simple joy of eating delicious food.


The Aivee Diet  a.k.a Dr. Food


Dr. Food’s approach to staying fit and fab lies in providing calorie-counted food and the H2 Program (HCG Injections). At Dr. Food, we offer a diet program that helps facilitate consistent weight loss done the right way— NO hunger pangs, NO food deprivation.


As we assess our client’s body condition, we design our diet program based on the result of the InBody assessment and align it to their body goals.


We make healthy meals full of flavor and light on calories!


Dr. Food offers calorie-counted and portion-controlled healthy meals based on diet prescription for a more individualized approach. Those who want to try Dr. Food are assessed by our Board-Certified Nutritionist-Dietitian in any of the Aivee Clinics or A Institute.


We create meal plans based on exactly what your body needs, giving you a complete health guide to help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted without feeling deprived.


As a diet food detox program, Dr. Food’s top priority is to provide our clients healthy eating plans that give the right nutrients that the body needs every day while staying within the daily calorie goal for weight loss. 


Apart from an overall improved diet for weight-loss, Dr. Food also aids in the healthy approach to achieving recovery, workout goals, and overall wellness.


Look forward to enjoying a delightful menu each week delivered at your doorsteps.


Our chefs and nutritionists at Dr. Food plan and make the food weekly, serving you meals inspired by different cuisines that you’ll definitely look forward to, delivered right at your doorsteps. We add an array of colors to your palate so you’ll enjoy food more the way it should be.


No repetitions, so there’s always something new to indulge.


We play with a variety of food offering only the best food combinations that are good for the palate and fit for your diet.


Set your body goals with us today and bring in positive change in your life with Dr. Food!

Healthy Meals All-Day


Start your morning right with calorie-counted meals that give you enough energy to kickstart your day.


Enjoy mid-day meals that provide you fuel to keep running at top capacity.


Delectable and light meals to fill your body at the end of your day.

Personalized Healthy Meals Fit for Your Body Goals

Dr. Food is a diet program customizable to every patient’s needs and preferences. Get a delicious meal plan each week based on your weight loss goals and the foods you like to eat. With Dr. Food, you can enjoy restaurant-quality meals without the guilt.


Reach your diet and nutritional goals with Dr. Food’s personalized meal plans.

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